America needs
a rebirth of freedom

Your freedom is slipping away as Washington’s power grows. Your freedom is undermined by a more intrusive government, which increasingly dictates how you run your life. The principles of America’s Founding have never been more at risk.

Washington is taking over your health care. Encouraging illegal immigration as a political force to suppress your freedom. Raising your taxes. Enslaving your family by national debt. Coddling dictators and gutting our national defenses. While some “conservatives” may have abandoned principle or compromised needlessly, The Heritage Foundation is confronting the crisis with a bold plan to give America a new birth of freedom.

To meet the crisis, Heritage is launching Reclaim America, a revolutionary campaign—unprecedented by any policy organization—to rapidly restore the constitutional rule of “We the People.”

Reclaim America will use four revolutionary strategies to drastically reduce Washington’s power. We will liberate Americans from big government, dethrone the special interests that hold sway over both parties, and end the chokehold the Left has on America.

Reclaim America’s aim is simple: Change America’s trajectory. Beginning right now.

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The Heritage Foundation must lead this charge. Only Heritage can lead this charge.

Heritage has been the greatest force for conservative political revolution since the 1970s. Over the last four decades, almost every major conservative reform has involved Heritage leadership. We won for Ronald Reagan when Heritage wrote the 3,000-page master blueprint for much of his agenda. In the 1990s, Heritage won by advancing the principles of the Contract with America. And Heritage has helped shape the Tea Party agenda, from Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan to conservative efforts to get rid of Obamacare.

While Heritage is located in Washington, our solutions are never of Washington. Heritage alone can simultaneously develop principled policy solutions, rally the American people, and deliver the message of conservative change to Washington with revolutionary results.

A key element of Reclaim America is physical.

In politics, personal relationships matter. So to defeat the Left, we must be physically closer to Congress than they are, and build deeper relationships with decision-makers. So we are building the Heritage Foundation Freedom Center—a command center of four high-tech, extensively renovated buildings literally surrounding the U.S. Capitol, influencing Congress with conservative policy research and pressure from millions of Heritage Action-affiliated grassroots Americans.

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At times of crisis, Americans like you—Americans with vision and courage—have always stepped forward to reclaim freedom. The American Revolution was called by its soldiers “the glorious cause.” Today’s Reclaim America campaign gives you an opportunity today to stand up for the same principles that have made America great. Enlist in today’s “glorious cause” of restoring our freedom. Future generations will look back to you with the deepest gratitude for their restored liberty.

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